Tips for Every Season


  1. Cut Lawn 3-5cm high

  2. Rake to remove the old dead grass

  3. Water deeply to soften the soil

  4. Using a garden fork spike the soil at least 20cm deep

  5. Apply fertilizer, We recommend using the Culterra 8.1.5 for lawn or bounce back should you want to use something organic,

  6. Apply a lawndressing of no more than 1-3cm thick evenly over lawn

  7. Water well after application

  8. Should you want to level out dips in the lawn we recommend riversand

  9. Please be aware the LM grass does not need Lawndressing only fertilizer is required


Prune Roses around end of July - beginning August when it is just starting to warm up, this will stimulate new growth and longer flowering. If you find that by January they aren't looking great you can prune lightly to encourage another flush of flowers. Deadheading your roses help encourage flowering



When to fertilize and how often:

We recommend fertilizing once a month, when winter comes you can stop if the rose has gone dormant from the cold, in warmer areas you may still need to feed your roses

We recommend the Culterra 8.1.5 for Roses or Bounce back should you want to use something organic, remember to water well after all fertilizer applications to avoid burning


As we know roses are prone to black spot and other insects, we recommend a systemic fungicide and insecticide, which stays in the sap for up to 6 months, this is great as a preventative which does not affect the bees 

There are organic option which is always better for the environment, please contact us for our recommendations.

Please remember when using insecticide sprays to spray early morning or late afternoon so avoid killing unnecessary insects like bees.


  1. When planting, be sure not to disturb the root system as much as possible

  2. The soil you see in the bag/pot/tray is the plants natural growing level, do not cover this with additional soil. Once the plants is in the ground or pot this top layer of original soil should still be visible

  3. Fertilizer once a month, ask us for recommendations

  4. Where possible use organic products as they are better for our environment


1.     We recommend an organic approach of concentrated canola oil and garlic spray, available at the nursery. This will make the leaf less palatable for the beetle

2.     They are normally around between October – January and will eat a large variety of foliage


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